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Tech Trek is AAUW California’s summer science program that encourages girls entering the 8th grade to pursue careers in science and technology. The first Tech Trek camp was held the summer of 1998 at Stanford University. Since then the program has expanded to include 10 camp sessions at Fresno, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Whittier, Irvine and Mills College.

Each year the California branches of AAUW sends over 800 girls to its Tech Trek camps. The girls enjoy classes in a wide and creative variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects and meet and talk to women in STEM professions. The Tech Trek experience bolsters their self-confidence so that they enter 8th grade knowing that continuing their science and math studies will benefit them forever.

Tech Trek


AAUW-LB's 2012 Tech Trek Scholarship Recipients — Front row: Colette Hammett, Yasmeen Tarazi, Sarah Hashemian; Back row:  Anneliese Douglas, Ana Kelly, Ruby Green, Paige Patillo; Inset: Danielle Conklin, Callista Helms.

The Tech Trek campers are selected from the 7th graders of Thurston Middle School and awarded scholarships by the nonprofit AAUW Laguna Beach Foundation to cover the cost of the one week camp. The Foundation obtains funding for Tech Trek through branch fundraising events and through sponsorship by local business and private individuals. This year we were able to send nine girls to camps at UCI and UCSD, which is the largest number to date.

Thank you 2011-2012 sponsors!

We were able to award nine of scholarships this year to grants from local non-profit organizations and generous donations from individuals.  In particular, we thank the Rotary Club of Laguna Beach and the University of California Irvine Department of Developmental and Cell Biology, Barbara Granger and members Barbara Hamkalo, and Elaine Lawson.  In addition to member donations, a portion of the proceeds from branch fundraisers paid for Tech Trek scholarships.

The Tech Trek Camp Experience

Our branch's scholarship winners attend a week-long camp at one of the seven California campuses where they live the life of a college student. Hands-on activities in core classes, labs and field trips at Tech Trek camps help to make math and science fun along with being educational. Evening programs in fields such as astronomy, engineering, marine biology and environmental studies enhance their learning experience. The girls also have the opportunity to interact with women role models who work in science, mathematics, computers and other exciting technical professions. Watch this exciting video about one of the Tech Trek camps.

Below is a video of a typical Tech Trek camp experience (must have AcitveX enabled in your browser).

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If you would like more information on Tech Trek or to donate much-needed funds (each Trekker's tuition costs approximately $850 and includes room and board, class fees and field trips for the week), please contact our Tech Trek Co-Chairs, Nancy Miller, at 4991529 or Diane Ertley at 854-4864.3.


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